e-magazine KOOL (January 2022)

KOOL? Yeah, KOOL! KOOL is not a cool typo, KOOL is a magazine for all curious kids from 3 to 7. It is for coed classes, siblings, for childcare centers and play centers, educational groups or even to dentists' rooms. Simply, everywhere where kids of different ages meet. You will find graphomotoric exercises here, attention exercises, interesting facts from animal, plant and human realms, you can train reading, writing and counting, and many other skills.

And why KOOL? Kool means "school" in Estonian. And according to many studies, Estonian kids are among the most educated and best prepared for life across the world. They practice their skills, they are taught in contexts, emphasis put on modern technologies and interconnectivity of individual fields. And our KOOL wants to be exactly that.

47.00 Kč