Incomes and expenses

What you are looking at is the second part of our e-book "series" about money for basic school pupils.

This one focuses on incomes and expenses. The children will expand their knowledge on incomes and expenses.

  • They learn to sort their incomes and expenses in three basic groups and to distinguish where each income and expense belongs.
  • They will train their new knowledge on examples.
  • They will learn where money needlessly disappear.
  • They would be given tasks to consider what expenses would make them happier and what just help them to temporarily fill some time without lasting effect.
  • They will learn the five basis financial steps.
  • Maybe they will even start to write down their incomes and expenses for the first time.
  • They will define what they would like to save money for, why and till what time.
  • They will be tasked with writing down their efforts an create their own feedback on how successful they are.
58.00 Kč