The Penguin's Tale

Hello kids!

I am beautifully colored bird, and I prepared a lot of tasks to fun for you. Join me for a treasure hunt full of fun and you will learn more about me and my life.

Your Freddie, emperor penguin.


This workbook (Penguin's Story) contains materials for a treasure hunt where you learn everything essential about the emperor penguin.

What you find inside:

  • instructions for organizers,
  • letter for the children with basic instructions and information about Freddie the penguin,
  • record sheet for the children to mark the fulfilled tasks and information that they learn during the treasure hunt,
  • tasks for individual checkpoints and Freddie's talks about his life and abilities.
  • medals for participants,
  • "Penguin Expert" certificate

At the individual checkpoints, the children will learn:

  • what the emperor penguin looks like,
  • how he copes with winter,
  • what he eats and how much and long can he dive,
  • how mommy and daddy care for the egg
  • how he behaves in the water an on dry land,
  • what has a penguin be careful about,
  • about his friend, the little penguin,
  • why they usually cannot find him in a zoo close to them

Have fun!

47.00 Kč